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About the Artist

" The artist should depict his deepest emotions, his soul, his sorrow and move people intensely,   first a few, then more and more.  - Edvard Munch


 I have two objectives when I create art - The first is to capture the beauty of something I have seen or felt , enhancing it's beauty by the degree to which that subect has affected me.  Second, to share what I have felt about the subject with others - to help them experience the feelings  and emotions brought forth by that scene .  I hope that through my paintings, people can share in my exhuberance and enthusiasm for life and all its great adventure -  its beauty, comedy, joy, peacefulness, abundance, and hope.   

One of my greatest joys is to hear how my paintings affect others, knowing then , that I have indeed have succeeded in my work.  To that end, I hope you enjoy visiting my website and I welcome hearing from you .   


Cindy Leavesley has been creating art ever since she was quite young.  Her first "real" art materials were a set of 12 Rembrandt pastels she received for Christmas at the age of 12.  Using these, she spent her free time in her teen years drawing animals, and exhibiting her drawings at local art shows.  Her art career was put on hold for about 10 years, during which time she received a degeree in Food Science and worked in the food and flavor industries doing creative new product development.  

Her art career restarted while raising her children.  During this time, she studied and mastered early American fine art and decorative painting, spurred by the restoration of her 1812 historic farmhouse. During this time, she received the honor of being voted one of  "America's 200 Best Craftsman." After this period, she had a successful interior decorative painting business, painting murals and various styles of decorative painting in homes, schools, and businesses. 

About 10 years ago, she took a workshop in pastel painting, the favored medium of Degas,  and after learning more about the techniques and materials available, completely fell in love with the versatility and spontaneous nature of the medium.  She has continued to study both pastel and oil painting with various teachers including Robert Eberle, Elizabeth Mowry, Rosalie Nadeau, Greg Storer, and others. 

Cynthia is inspired to paint the many subjects she sees around her home areas of Indiana and the east coast (particularly Maine) .  She also travels as much as possible, to explore different landcapes and cultures and often plein art paints on location. 






Heronhill Studios      260 Raintree Drive,   Zionsville,   IN

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