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Painting of the day

The painting of the day is a project I have started to add something interesting and new for you to see everyday on my website.  Each day, I will paint something new and post it on my site.  Usually these will be small paintings  - 4x4 to 5x7 in size.  My hope is to paint on a different theme each week and for all the paintings that week to be framed with the same style of frame. 

Paintings will be available for $50 each, (including shipping and handling).   Discounts will be available for the purchase of 3 or more paintings

These paintings allow you to purchase an ORIGINAL work of art at a reasonable price and their small size makes them excellent for gift giving as well as hanging in small spaces or displaying on a table or bookcase.  Most paintings will have an easel back as well as a hanger to increase your display options. 
And, by being able to see a whole series of interrelated paintings each week, your decorating options expand by allowing you to purchase several paintings and display them as a group.   

Winter Cardinal
5 X 7

White Rooster
5 x 7

5 x 7

Poppy Field
5 x 7


If you would like to purchase any of the paintings you see on this page, please click on Contact Us
 and you will be able to communicate with us directly.  Please mention which painting(s) you are interested in.

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